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SOLDIER FIRST CLASS ([personal profile] strifed) wrote2014-07-17 01:22 pm
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( NO. ###) ❝I'll make you feel alright ❞

i'm tiffany, net name is cloe, and i'm 23. i live in the wonderful state virginia and i am a full time mom. i also work monthly for the country in the form of army national guard. i'm married to a wonderful man and we have one daughter. i'm not good at this stuff usually, so just have a linke to my tumblr along with things that interest me. i mostly just reblog on my tumblr, with a few posts that are actually mine.

LIKES: i'm mostly into game of thrones, disney, anime, gundam wing, sailor moon, food, weight lifting, spoiling my daughter&husband, coding, cooking, baking, and hanging out with friends.

RPING: i enjoy rping, just been out of practice for a few years. no games as of yet, but currently looking.

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