strifed: (frozen ❥ 005)
SOLDIER FIRST CLASS ([personal profile] strifed) wrote 2014-07-22 02:58 pm (UTC)

Now THAT would be hilarious. Poor Cloud wouldn't know what to do with himself. ROFL. I remember Zidane from Solace and he was just the cutest little monkey ever. Ahhhh Speaking of Solace, I'm reading old logs and just lskdjfowiea I think that was the best Cloud and Heero I've ever played! It makes me happy hahahaldk fjwoaej

I am literally dying to play Heero but I would even play Cloud at this point too. We could have a cute little reunion with Zidane and Cloud ;) (Too bad Zack couldn't be there cause lskdfjwoiaj so cute) NO NO...... Aerith and Cloudy pants!! Oh man, can we just imagine how happy he would be seeing her again???

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